How to Get Involved in Movember 2020

As the country settles into a second lockdown, it’s fair to say we could all use a bit of a morale boost. Every year, the Movember initiative challenges men to ‘grow a mo’ over the course of the month, with all funds raised going towards invaluable men’s health awareness projects. Well, this year is no different, as Ireland’s Movember manager Jack O’Connor explains...

Moving the Mo Online  

This is Jack’s third year at the helm of the Irish Movember movement, and though the campaign will undoubtedly be impacted by Covid, the team has already received lots of support. “The workaround has been to go fully virtual”, he begins. “Our campaign was already relatively digital, plus, we had the summer to think through how we’d structure it.” The challenge, he explains, is around live events and visibility. “Though we might have a group of guys in a big company supporting us, there’ll be less people seeing them day-to-day with their moustaches.”

Man with a moustache

Lockdown Escapism

Given how virtual our lives have become over the last few months, it hopefully won’t be too difficult to spread the Movember message through social media. As well as that, the initiative will offer some fun escapism to those struggling with lockdown. “There’s so much negativity at the moment”, says Jack. “Giving people something positive to gravitate towards is really powerful. I’ve been so happy to see the level of enthusiasm, it’s really inspiring.”

How to Get Involved 

Even if you can’t - or would rather not – grow a mo, there are lots of ways to support Movember. The Move Challenge asks you to walk or run 60km over the month, in remembrance of the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour around the world. You can also host a (virtual) event; think quizzes, comedy, gaming and karaoke. Or, if you want to go all out, Jack and the team have introduced a new option this year - Mo Your Own Way. “It’s our catch-all option”, he explains. “If you have a unique idea that doesn’t fit into Grow, Move or Host, you’re absolutely welcome to do it.” However you choose to take part, be sure to share your story online, using #Movember.