Coronavirus Useful Information

Healthy Minds

If you’re feeling nervous about the coronavirus, you’re not alone. Being concerned and empathetic about this outbreak is normal. However, if you’re experiencing feelings of discomfort that impact your concentration, productivity or even disrupt sleep patterns you may wish to speak to one of our qualified counsellors. The Irish Life Health Healthy Minds service is available 24/7.

How to Access the Healthy Minds Service
  1. Call Healthy Minds on 1850 718 888 to speak directly to a counsellor

  2. Sign up here for helpful content and toolkits

Expert Advice

Our global psychology support team have also produced a series of free webinars which you can access below.

Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic Watch Now

It can help you understand why outbreaks such as this affect our emotional health, give you practical skills to cope with the anxiety and tips for you and your family, in particular around how to talk to your children

An Introduction to Working Remotely Watch Now

It can help you set boundaries between work and personal life, understand how to manage yourself when working remotely and give you tips on how to develop effective communication strategies for virtual teaming and networking

Talking to your child about the Coronavirus Watch Now

It can give you practical tips on having a difficult conversation with your child on where to start, aspects to consider, the tough questions and how to create a solution focus.

You’ll notice some of the references point to US or Canadian sources. For us in Ireland:

  1. For live updates, check the dedicated HSE Coronavirus website
  2. The online CBT mentioned is available via our Healthy Minds platform. You can sign up for this here. There you’ll find CBT programmes for Anxiety, Stress and Coping amongst others as part of our CareNow programmes.
  3. Remember, if you have more questions or you wish to speak to one of our counsellors call Healthy Minds on 1850 718 888.
More helpful resources

Our Healthy Minds platform, LifeWorks, has a range of content and toolkits that can be helpful when dealing with issues around:

  • Self-isolation
  • Financial worries
  • Working from home

If you’re a manager in a business there are also a number of useful articles around how to:

  • Communicate with your colleagues during times of change
  • Manage their concerns and anxieties around infectious diseases
  • Manage in remote working and flexible situations

For details of how to sign up and access the toolkits and content click here