FAQ's - Updated 23/07/21

Travel FAQs

From 19 July, general travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is to travel safely and in accordance with public health guidance and restrictions, and to always check the country specific advice provided on the dfa.ie website.

Also from that date, Ireland will operate the EU Digital COVID Certificate for travel originating within the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes EU Member States plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (but does not include the UK). The current status the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has designated to these countries is ‘exercise a high degree of caution’.

While the Digital COVID Certificate will make it easier to travel to and from these countries, entry requirements and rules are not standardised. The government advice is to always check what measures and entry rules are in place for each destination before you travel.

If you travel to a country designated as ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ on your date of travel, then you will be covered as per the overseas benefits on your health insurance plan and our standard terms and conditions will apply.

Countries that have been designated as ‘do not travel’ or ‘avoid non-essential travel’ are excluded from cover, even if you determine travel is essential.

Click here for the most up to date travel advice: https://www.dfa.ie/travel/travel-advice/

If you choose to travel to a country designated as ‘do not travel’ or ‘avoid non-essential travel’ by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, you will not be covered for medical or repatriation expenses abroad.

If your date of travel is on or before the date the country changes from the ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ designation, you will be covered as per the benefits on your plan and our standard terms and conditions apply.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) lets you get healthcare in another EU or European Economic Area (EEA) state for free, or at a reduced cost. It covers you if you are on holiday, or on a short-term stay (generally accepted as for a period of less than 3 months).

See https://www2.hse.ie/services/ehic/ehic.html for more information.

Your travel insurance policy provided by Allianz Assistance will cover you if you travel to a country designated as ‘exercise a high degree of caution’. However, it does not provide cover for:

>>>any cancellation costs incurred as the result of a notice to “Do not travel” or “Avoid Non Essential Travel” from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

>>>an Epidemic or Pandemic - this means that even if you travel to a country designated as ‘exercise a high degree of caution’, you will not be covered for any medical or other expenses relating to Covid-19.

For any questions about your travel insurance policy you can call Allianz on +353 1 6193620 or view your policy terms and conditions in your Travel Insurance Policy in your member area at https://www.irishlifehealth.ie/

If you have travel insurance through another provider we recommend you contact your provider for clarity on the specific terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy.

Covid-19 test FAQs

We have concluded discussions with all private hospitals, as we wanted to ensure our customers were treated fairly and continue to get value from their policy. These discussions helped us ensure that any additional charges incurred are appropriate and fair as any increase to our costs can affect customer premiums.

Please contact us for the list of hospitals where Irish Life Health members are not charged the pre-admission COVID-19 fee.

These charges vary significantly by hospital and also in relation to what they cover. If you are due to attend one of the hospitals charging a fee we recommend that you ask exactly what you are being charged for and why. If you do not feel it is fair you can determine whether there is another hospital you can attend for the same procedure.

Other FAQs

If you are experiencing financial difficulties associated with this current pandemic, email heretohelp@irishlifehealth.ie and we’ll call you to discuss alternative payment options.

A digital appointment may happen for non-Covid related illnesses if you cannot attend a healthcare provider in person. For example, if you are cocooning at home, you may decide to have a phone consultation with your G.P. instead of attending the G.P. surgery in person.

Digital appointments across many specialities including maternity, paediatrics and mental health can now be claimed back through your day to day benefits (in line with your Plan benefits).

Until December 31st, we will be accepting claims for digital appointments. The process for claiming remains the same. You can submit your receipts through your online account. Receipts must show:

>The amount paid;

>The full name of the member receiving treatment and their date of birth;

>The date the treatment was received;

>The type of practitioner that you attended;

>The name, address and qualifications of the practitioner providing the care, on the practitioner’s headed paper.