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The price and benefits apply to plans bought on or after 01 July 2021. For older plans check your Table of Cover or Log onto your Member Portal.

Your Hospital Cover

Public Hospitals

  • Semi-private room in a public hospital
  • Private room in a public hospital

Private Hospitals

  • Semi-private room
  • Private room

High Tech Hospitals

  • Semi-private room
  • Private room
Important Information

Everyday Expenses

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MRI Scans

CT Scans


Your Cover

Inpatient scans and Consultants fees
  • Consultant fees Covered
  • Inpatient Scans Covered
Public Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Private Room Covered
  • Semi Private Room Covered
Private Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Private Room Covered
  • Semi Private Room Covered
High Tech Hospitals
  • Day Case Covered
  • Listed Cardiac Procedures Semi-Private Rate
  • Listed Special Procedures Semi-Private Rate
  • Private Room Covered (Beacon Only). Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic covered at Semi-Private Rate.
  • Semi Private Room Covered
  • Breastfeeding consultancy €25 x 2 sessions
  • GentleBirth App See handbook for details
  • Grant-in-aid amount Covered up to €3,450
  • Home birth Covered up to €3,450
  • Home Early Support following 1 night stay in hospital 2 hours midwife and 3 x 4 hours with postnatal supporter
  • Home Early Support following 2 nights stay in hospital 1 hour midwife and 3 x 3 hours with postnatal supporter
  • Inpatient maternity consultant fees As per schedule of benefits for professional fees
  • Partner benefit €50 x 2 days travel, accommodation & child minding expenses
  • Postnatal Domestic Support 3 x 3 hour cleaning sessions
  • Postnatal Doula Support 2 x 3 hour sessions with postnatal supporter
  • Public hospital cover for maternity 3 nights accommodation
  • Welcome Home Food Hamper Hamper and 30 minute phone consultation with a nutritionist
  • 24 hour telephone assistance Covered
  • Companion repatriation expenses Covered up to €1,000
  • Expenses for companion who remains with you Covered up to €1,000
  • Hospital bill for inpatient treatment Covered up to €100,000
  • Repatriation expenses Covered up to €1 million
  • Benefit abroad for surgical procedures that are available in Ireland Yes - subject to level of cover available in Ireland
  • Benefit abroad for surgical procedures that are not available in Ireland Yes - up to the amount for the most similar surgical procedure to treat the same condition in Ireland
  • Not related to substance abuse 180 days (up to the level of Hospital Cover provided under your plan)
  • Related to substance abuse 91 days per 5 years (up to the level of Hospital Cover provided under your plan)
  • Cancer Support Benefit (for accommodation expenses when travelling more than 50km) Up to €100 per day up to a maximum of €1500 per calendar year
  • Child Home Nursing €100 x 14 days (following an inpatient stay of minimum 5 days)
  • Convalescence benefits €50 x 14 days
  • Gender reassignment benefit 50% up to €10,000 per lifetime
  • Genetic Testing for Cancer Treatment Options - Foundation One CDx Covered
  • Genetic Testing: Initial consultation 50% cover
  • Genetic Testing: Test for specified genetic mutations Covered in approved clinics with our approved consultant
  • Health in the Home Covered with our provider partner
  • Healthy Minds Online access to mental health assessments and content and up to 6 counselling sessions via phone, chat, video or face to face
  • Medicall ambulance costs Covered (refer to Membership Handbook)
  • Oncotype DX Covered
  • Parent accompanying child €40 x 14 days (not payable for the first 3 days)
With no excess
  • Antenatal Class €75 towards an antenatal class, or, €75 contribution & 10% point of sale discount with GentleBirth Workshop
  • Digital Doctor Unlimited. See for further information.
  • Health screening Up to €450 towards a Health Screen once per policy year
  • Home Recovery Benefit €80 x 10 days
  • HPV Vaccine 50% up to €200 per policy year
  • Maternity Mental Health Support €40 x 10 sessions with Nurture
  • Minor Injury Clinic Cover 75% up to €500 per visit
  • Minor Injury Clinic Cover (Pay & Claim) 75% up to €500 per visit
  • Nurse on call Covered
  • Vaccinations: Travel Only €50 per year
Scan Cover
  • CT Scan: approved centre Covered
  • MRI Scan: approved centre Covered
  • PET-CT Scan: approved centre Covered
  • Allen Carr Smoking Cessation
  • Back Up
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Smiles Dental Access Package

For full details on the above and all member benefits available to you please visit the Member Benefits section.