Medical Providers

Developing and sustaining relationships with all medical providers is important to us at Irish Life Health. We are keen to understand and respond to needs as they emerge over time, provided these changes are in the best interest of your patient and our member, and that the need is responded to in a safe and effective manner.

Irish Life Health will ensure that we are always at the forefront of safe and effective medicine, including new medical innovations, treatment and procedures. 

General Practitioners & Consultants Registration with Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health require you to register with us for the following reasons:

  • To enable Irish Life Health to retain a list of Irish Medical Council Registered General Practitioners and Consultants
  • To enable Irish Life Health as required by taxation legislation to deduct Professional Services Withholding Tax

To register as a provider, please complete the relevant registration form below and send to
When submitting this to Irish Life Health, please also submit a copy (summarised) of your most recent curriculum vitae and a copy of your current hospital contract as a Consultant in Ireland.

Participating Consultants

A fully participating consultant is a consultant who has agreed to the Irish Life Health participating rates of payment and accepts full payment from Irish Life Health.
A Part participating Consultant is a consultant who is has chosen not to agree to the Irish Life Health Participating rates and therefore there may be an additional charge payable by the member to the consultant at the time of treatment.


If you need any help relating to health cover with Irish Life Health, policies or registration as a hospital administrator, Consultant or General Practitioner please call 01 562 5162 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or email